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Buy a wide variety of products like Veterinary Liquid Injections, Repacked Veterinary General Products, Veterinary Feed Supplements, Veterinary Instruments, etc., at fair prices!
Dotcom Pharma, as a manufacturer and supplier, is founded on the pillars of People, Trust, Value and Technology. Thus, offering our clients only the best products and services at highly competitive prices. Needless to say, we are envisioned as a business that combines its manufacturing strength with all its focus on quality of our offering ranging from chemicals to veterinary products. Analgin Injection, Fenbendazole Bolus, Veterinary Ointments, PET Tablets and Teat Plug are to name a few. Since the beginning, we have built a strong foundation because we strive to achieve steady growth. With this, we have come a long and glorious way in this business segment to be a trusted business partner offering the best logistics network for domestic trade of veterinary and allied products that are sold under the brands, Chlorostin, Nimodot, DORBIC, Dotcal-D, Dottol, etc.

Our Team

Assisted by a strong team of 50 proficient people from different domains like manufacturing, marketing, quality analyzing, etc., we are executing our business operations exceptionally well. Working together, we have mastered the way of doing business with a far-sighted vision, technology, management service, creative thinking, technology and logistics.

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Reasons to Choose Us

The reasons for which we are able to built a network of 7000 plus happy clients are as follows:

  • We were founded with a strong vision for the future in the pharmaceutical industry with our primary interests in formulations of veterinary products.
  • With our business experience of 22 plus years, we offer Analgin Injection, Veterinary Ointments and other veterinary products of unmatched quality.
  • We are financially stable working efficiently with zero-debt and substantial reserves that are being useful into future projects.

Mission Statement

We work relentlessly to offer a unique wellness experience for livestock by providing only the best veterinary products at competitive prices. Our mission is to ensure that every distributor has easy access to our products. Therefore, we have built a widespread network.

Vision Statement

  • To ensure our Veterinary Ointments and allied veterinary products are made using the latest technologies.
  • To be content with our valuable clients for nurturing and conserving human-animal aroha.
  • To offer solutions that are effective in quality and price and lead to better animal healthcare.
  • To set a solid example as the best leading veterinary pharmaceutical business entity.

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