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Veterinary Feed Supplement

You can get premium quality veterinary feed supplements from us at Dotcom Pharma. These are given to animals for providing them with phosphate, calcium, and trace mineral mixes. When grazing is lacking in nutrients and trace minerals, they serve as a supplement. Our offerings are used to fill in nutritional gaps, ensure proper consumption of specific nutrients, or promote particular physiological processes. Since they are not pharmaceuticals, they are unable to have pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic effects. The use of veterinary feed supplements is not meant to alter physiological processes or to treat, prevent, or otherwise deal with human disorders.

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Poultry Cattle Feed Supplements DOTGRO FORTE

Price: 217.93 INR/Bottle

Mineral mixture cum Growth promoter for Cattle, Poultry and Fishes. Advanced Formula for Higher Milk Yield, Far SNF and Better Reproductive Growth with the Extra Power of By Pass Fat, Proteins, Vitamin H

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Liver Tonic Livdot

Price: 160.00 INR/Bottle

Livdot is a liquid liver stimulant fortified with Yeast and vitamins especially made for birds and small animals for their liver care.

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Vitadot -Cattle Mineral Vitamin Supplement

Price: 80.00 INR/Bottle

Liquid Oral Supplement of Vitamin for Cattle and poultry feeding

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Multivitamin Rabidot - M

Rabidot M is used to meet the Premium Multivitamin needs of Rabbits.

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Multivitamin Tortodot -M for Turtel

Price: 125.00 INR/Bottle

Tortodot M is used to meet the Premium Multivitamin needs of turtles

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Mineral Salted Licks Brand - DOTLICK

Price: 112.15 INR/Piece

Mineral Salted Licks 2 kg FOR VETERINARY USE ONLY

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Live Yeast Culture Amino Acid Liver Extract Brand - DOTBOOST

Live Yeast Culture 3gm Amino Acid 2gm Liver Extract 5mg [EnergyBooster] for veterinary use only

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Calcium Vitamin D3 Vitamin B12 Multivitamins Brand - CALCIDOT

Price: 59.40 INR/Piece

Calcium 8.00% Vitamin D3 1200 I.U Vitamin B12 20 mcg & Multivitamins for veterinary use only

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Oral B-Complex Brand- DOTPLEX 500 ML

Price: 127.47 INR/Bottle

DOTPLEX is a Powerful Tonic Its a Special Mixture of BComplex Vitamin For Animals It protects from CRD and it helps to Improve FCR Its Animals Supplement Growth Promoter Its Best Liquid Poultry Feed Supplement for Chicks Growers Layers and Poultry

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Maltaferol Type Brand - DOTFEROL 450 GM

Malt Extract 6.78g Calcium Gluconate 540mg Ferric Ammonium Citrate 450mg Copper Sulphate 150mg Cobalt Chloride 2.25mg Vitamin D3 5400 I.U. Niacinamide 67.5mg Biotin 5112.5mcg Folic Acid 2.25mg Vitamin B 22.5mcg for veterinary use only

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Vital-H Brand - VITDOT-H 250 ML

Vitamin H 12.5mg Elemental Selenium 6mcg Vitamin E 50mg Vitamin A 20000 I.U Vitamin D3 10000 I.U. For veterinary use only

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NaCl Pot Acetate Na Acetate Feed Supplement Brand - ORS-DOT 500 ml

ORS-DOT is an Electrolyte Powder With Vitamin C For Animals. Its Energy Supplement For Animals. So Its an Ideal Supplement for Animal Feeding to refill their energy. It is made of high-quality raw materials. Its also very useful for Poultry, Chicken, and Birds. KEEPS YOUR ANIMALS HEALTHY.

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Liver Tonic Brand - LIVERDOT 1 LTR

Ext.Sarapunkha 48mg Bhumyaamalaki 44mg Nimba 25mg Punarnava 25mg Bhringaraja 19mg Arjuna 33mg Yavatikta 32mg Kakamachi 25mg

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Calcuim Gel Brand - DOTCAL UP GEL

It is instant energy source with ionic calcium as calcium feed supplement for cattle or livestock animals used as oral therapy to treat milk fever or hypoglycemia. Calcuim 6600 mg Phosphorus 3400 mg Vitamin D3 35000 I.U. Vitamin B12` 400 mcg for veterinary use only

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Vitamin H (Biotin) Brand - BIODOT-H

Price: 22.31 INR/Bottle

Vitamin H (Biotin) 20 mg. Excipients q.s. FOR VETERINARY USE ONLY

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Calcium Supplement Tortodot - C

Tortodot C is used to meet the calcium needs of turtles

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Growth Promoter For Fish AQUA-DOT PLUS

Price: 502.79 INR/Bottle

Aqua- dot Plus is a biofloc fish probiotic that adds healthy bacteria to the aquaculture to promote fish growth.

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Growth Promoter For Poultry and Cattle DOTBEST

Price: 356.93 INR/Bottle

It is a high-quality supplement of vitamins and minerals for animals. Using it regularly in animal diets prevents them from forming complex substance and mineral interactions. DOTBEST product promotes absorption and higher bioavailability.


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