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Veterinary Ointments

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Proflavin Hemisulphate Cetrimide Brand DORAXIN 30 gm

Price: 13.20 INR/Piece

DORAXIN contains GAMMA BENZENE HCl, PROFLAVINE & CETRIMIDE. This combination acts as Powerful Fly Repellent and curative for open wounds. For Veterinary Use Only

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100g Iodine 5% With Methyl Salicylate 5% Ointment Brand - Dotodex

Price: 0.0 INR/Piece

A topical antiseptic Iodine Ointment for use on horses, cattle, swine, and sheep to aid in the treatment of foot rot, sores, minor cut, bruises, abrasions, and burns.

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Ayurvedic Preparation Brand - DIMAX 50 gm

Price: 23.56 INR/Piece

Ayurvedic Preparation 50 gm for veterinary use only


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